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design practice

Our pursuit for solutions distracts us from the fundamental issues that perpetuate human separation from nature.

Work with us to imbed Earth-centred design principles into your projects, practice,
or organisation and play a part in restoring Our Nature. 

We work with stewards of the land, developers, design teams, and individuals to arrive at holistic and long-term strategies to masterplanning and architectural design. 


Strategic Design
for Architecture, Planning, Engineering Projects

Develop your design brief, design methods, project strategies to realign with earth and life-centred principles.

Our aim is to guide you through this process and strategise, with less focus on solutions.

Collaborative Design and Organisational Development

Shift your organisation to practice what it means to be "Earth-centred" and regenerative. 


Through a series of guided workshops, we co-develop a unique strategy for your organisation that aligns with service to nature.


Workshops, Talks, and Events

We love holding and sharing space for conversations and experiences that shift perspectives. We run workshops like we did live at Shambala, and various other moments online.

Get in touch or see our About page to find out more.



At  Terralupa, we believe that restoring our earth begins with restoring ourselves.

We seek a balance between time with ourselves in nature and time intensely working.

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some thoughts & inspiration...

"...May this decade bring more than just solutions, more than just a future - may it bring words we don't know yet, and temporalities we have not yet inhabited. May we be slower than speed could calculate, and swifter than the pull of the gravity of words can incarcerate. And may we be visited so thoroughly, and met in wild places so overwhelmingly, that we are left undone. Ready for composting. Ready for the impossible. Welcome to the decade of the fugitive."

‍- Bayo Akomolafe

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