Cracked Earth


TerraLupa literally means EarthLand.

This is an invitation to collaborate in the work of bringing Earth-centred design thinking into your practice & projects.



Our pursuit for solutions distracts us from the fundamental issues that perpetuate our separation from nature. It is no longer enough to continue in this story.

Work with us to write a new story where you can imbed Earth-centred design principles into every stage of your project and play a part in restoring our nature. 

+ For Land-Based Projects

+ Professionals of the Built Environment

+ Design Educators

+ Ground your design approach

​+ ​Engage in systemic thinking

+ Re-learn what it means to design intuitively

+ Explore application of Permaculture principles

+ Redefine the concept of "value"

+ Practice Collaborative Design

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Image by USGS
Cracked Earth



We live through our land, but this relationship needs some mending before drawing solutions. How do we reach our regenerative or restorative goals? What might they be? How do we collectively benefit from this?

We aim to answer these questions to draw out strategies that have long-term benefits for our living systems. It starts with a conversation. Schedule a call.

Reclaiming urbanised spaces for soil restoration is an exciting way to actively contribute to overall wellbeing! Every project has potential.

We will work together and explore ways forward that give back to the Earth, and therefore giving back to ourselves and others in our living system. We will help to implement these solutions through self-regulating accountability checks. 

For built-environment design professionals, students, land owners, and developers. Take a journey that will help us remember our place as a species dependent on our life support system: Earth.


This is a different kind of "Design School". This experience will inform your design process and expand thinking.


We are on the look-out for projects and people that want to give back more - to ecology, to community, to themselves. If you have a design practice or land-based project and would like to explore using restorative and regenerative design principles, tell us about it in the form below!  

Image by NASA


monthly thought...

There is wisdom in Diversity. 

Diversity means Resilience. Equality means inhabiting a fundamental regard and respect for others. What would it mean to extend the notion of Equality to Others like Plants, Insects, Trees? 

"...Human beings, plants, and animals share the same cosmic origins, and in a profound sense are seen as essentially identical, responsive to the same principles, obligated by the same duties, responsible for the collective well-being of creation. There is no separation between nature and culture..." - Wade Davis, writing about the Barsasana peoples in his book Wayfinders

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"At no other time has Nature concentrated such a wealth of valuable nourishment into such a small space as in the cocoa bean." Alexander von Humboldt

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