Recalibrate the way we think and approach projects that have an impact on the land, essentially having an impact on our Earth. 

The name TerraLupa honours origins at many levels.

"Terra" is Earth or Land in many Latin-based languages.

"Lupa" (pronounced loo-pah) also means Earth or Land in the language of my home country, The Philippines. 

"Restoring Our Nature" is a mission that intuitively feels right.  It aims to restore us, as human beings, to become more intuitively connected to our living system, and aware of the consequences of our design decisions to other beings we share this world with.

Every project stage has the opportunity to restore and support a vast network of life.


The logo is a Nautilus shell. This is a reminder that although we live on land, that we are systematically linked to water. The Nautilus is a popular and ancient symbol that honours the perfection of nature, it represents regeneration, delicate balance, and teaches us that there is no waste in natural systems.

founder - architect - educator

regenerative design thinking


"I imagine a world where design professionals are deeply connected to the Earth, and understand the systemic consequences of our human interventions."

Kara is an Architect and Founder of TerraLupa, a platform for ecological regeneration and re-establishing our connection to nature, encouraging design that promotes positive integration with local communities and ecosystems. She runs the Co-Lab Studio for AWW in Bristol, and is a part-time Associate Lecturer at University of West England. 

Kara is also a Board Trustee for Land is Life and Artspace Lifespace. She is Co-Secretary for the Association for Collaborative Design, and has been in the part of the TEDxBristol Core Team since 2013.

The foundation of her work is in sharing a design practice that promotes positive integration with local ecosystems and community.

The dream is to co-create healthy, balanced spaces and places: consulting for projects, practices, and individuals to set long-term goals that restore native habitats, soil, and marine ecosystems while supporting local communities.

Photo Credit: Zissou


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Designing for Resilience

"...Kara draws on innovative and greatly needed understanding of regenerative, indigenous and importantly sensitive approach to a community's need in all sorts of cultural and social contexts."

Dr. Sonja Oliveira PhD

Associate Professor in Architecture and Design Innovation, UWE Bristol and founding member of Radical Architecture Practice for Sustainability, RAPS

Leadership & Facilitation

"...her inquisitive approach naturally leads to the best solutions. Kara's design thinking to energise processes and her project management capabilities are a really powerful combination. She is a really positive unifying force within Artspace Lifespace."

Kathryn Chiswell - Jones

Company Manager at Artspace Lifespace. Director of Illuminarium

Regenerative Design

"...bringing Earth-centred design thinking into the mainstream is brilliant, and is much needed as a counter balance to design that is only function-centered or people-centered."

Martin Brown

Author FutuREstorative

Vice President Living Future Europe, Vice Chair COSTRestore, ILFI Hero 2018. Founder #ZoomRegenerative 2020

Contribution to Education

"...her advice to students on matters concerning regenerative, resilient and biophilic design strategies proved to be invaluable, guiding students towards the right solution for their projects..."

Anna Pepe

Senior Lecturer in Architecture, Leeds Beckett University, Photographer & Designer 

Gratitude Circle

This is a dynamic space that will expand, and is written with a sense of reciprocity...

Thank you to Jamie Pike for feeding me literally, lovingly, and creatively!

To Earthly @earthly_collective, especially @sophie__chatz for your guidance and encouragement. 

To Glowacky for bringing Bucky Fuller and Thomas Berry back to life, reinforcing this trajectory.

Thank you Phil for being a really great support and mind-opener.

Thank you AWW colleagues James and Mark, and my sis-in-law Viv @brunchwithviv for the constructive feedback that is much appreciated.

Thank you to all collegues, team, and fellow Trustees at Artspace Lifespace and Land is Life for being great support, inspiration, and giving a sense of purpose.