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Walking Workshops

Explore the beautiful grounds of some of Bristol's "lungs of the city" and be lead by Kara on a journey of inquiry around how our work, as Built Environment Professionals can play a key role in healing our relationship with earth, face climate resilence, and co-create a healthy future for all species.

The walks will be in Ashton Court or Leigh Woods, on a Friday morning (unless in the event of exceptional weather).


More information will be sent once you are signed up.  

The fee includes a facilitated walking workshop with refreshments before the walk.


Theme: Shifting Language

The language we use in communicating sustainability can be misguided and disabling, or disconnected from our intentions. We will discuss how we can shift our language and communications to be more authentic and enabling.


Theme: Connecting Invisible Threads

Inspired by the Colombian Kogi Tribe who have been featured in Aluna and mentioned in Wade Davis' book, The Wayfinders, this walks explores the interconnectedness of our surroundings.


Theme: Designing for Future Generations

What does it mean to design for the future generations? How far ahead do we engage our imagination in our design decisions? What will enable this possibility, and who can we learn from?

Get in touch if you would like to learn more.


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