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Biochar Facility


Amata Green was founded by Sandia Martin in 2017. Amata Green’s
Biochar Project is an upcoming biochar production facility located in
southern Spain. The first facility will produce between 1,000 tonnes
in the first year, to 7,000 tonnes of biochar annually (in the medium
term). The Project aims to grow gradually and sustainably, through
building 5 additional facilities strategically located around the
southern provinces.

The number one and primary focus of the project is to produce
biochar so that the growers can use the product to create healthier
soils so as to reduce chemical use and to assist in the transition to
growing food organically, without toxins and chemicals. Organic
food production is of number one importance to Amata Green
because it remediates the ecosystem, and in doing so, supports
human and other species’ wellbeing.

Our involvement in the project to date was to co-develop a 50-page proposal that included regenerative design principles from the early stages of project conception through to early design development.

Image by Sung Jin Cho
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